Today was a no-weigh day but I am desperate to weigh myself. Yesterday I had gained MORE muscle weight from all my exercising - snowboarding and marathon training - and I’m getting frustrated at seeing the scale go up! I am now 5.6kg away from my goal weight.


I get really bad digestive problems so am trying to play around with my diet a bit. I have given up wheat today and will try that for a couple of weeks to see if the bloating and other problems improves at all.


I was tested a few years ago for coeliac and lactose intolerance and both came back negative, but have asked for a re-test on the coeliac as breads and oats etc. definitely bloat me right out.


I’m going this weekend from Saturday – Tuesday for a snowboarding break, and will definitely be tested on my healthy eating! I have been alcohol-free since New Year’s and this will be the first time I have a drink so am hoping not to lose control - alcohol usually leads to me bingeing.


On a positive note, I am another day into my binge-free living :) I feel so much happier and in control!