I'm trying to fit more exercise into my routine.  Not easy in the winter months because I love being outside and that's not gonna happen much with snow, mud, and 20 degree temps...at least not at my house.

I have 2 daughters who actively play softball.  One is 11 and is learning to pitch fastpitch, which I did in high school.  The other is 14 and trying out for the high school team shortly and is working on brushing up on her skills.  I rent a local community center gym twice a week to get practice time in.  It's an old elementary school that was closed when a new bigger and better one was built.  It's cheap and it's close, so off we go twice a week to get our softball on.  I'm totally stoked they've chosen this sport to love - it was my favorite and I just might be one of those crazy softball moms...but at least I know the sport unlike some, sheesh LOL!

So in order to make this just as much my workout as theirs, we do fielding at the end of the session - if you miss the ball, that's a burpee!  Modified, crazy looking, dragging ass by the end, any way you can do it BURPEE.  Now mind you, they chose this "punishment", not me, so go girls!  Next, if they make a wild throw - that's a lap! Slow jog, sprint, whatever you got...you're doing a lap and mom is right there with ya.  We laugh so much especially when they are having bad days and it seems like endless burpees and laps. 

Lately though they have been improving so much we haven't done much "punishment", I'm going to have to change that somehow ~evil snicker~ because momma needs some exercise!

The point being, it doesn't have be boring old exercise - just get moving and do something.  Get your kids involved, make it fun and hopefully you instill in them the habit of exercise. 

Can't wait for Spring - and softball season!