02/24/2016 10:38AM
You're not alone in this, Lily. It's hard. Keep giving yourself credit for the wins and having self-compassion for the times you struggle. And remember perfection is not achievable. We're not robots, programmed to do something without fail. You're going to fall back on less-healthy habits sometimes and that is totally normal, The key is catching yourself as soon as you can and getting back to healthier habits. And truly not expecting perfection. If you eat great most of the day but then have an unhealthy meal, you've still done great. If you exercise almost every day you intend to but not every day, you've still done great. If this all were easy, everyone would be fit, lean and healthy and we know that in reality, the US is 1/3 obese and 2/3 overweight, or something like that. Be kind to yourself and keep at it.

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Very true thanks Jay! My old ways are coming back strong this week. I used to be all or nothing. The whole get a flat then slash the other three tires thing. I need to remember that mostly healthy is better than nothing and consistently being mostly healthy is what got me this far.

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