Starting over again for the millionth time.  When times get tough my eating and exercising go right out the window.  I forget to plan and end up falling back into bad habits.  

I forget that eating healthy makes me feel good.  It's not just about losing the weight, but that consistent healthy eating makes me have even energy levels throughout the day.  I don't like the rollercoaster of sugar highs/lows and the sluggish feeling after a too-large meal.  

I forget that I love to work out.  It makes me feel strong and accomplished that my body can do all these things.  I love to see my progress as I get better at the different moves.  I can't wait to do a routine to see how much better I can do it or see how much faster I can run a loop.  

I don't know why it's so hard to remember these things.  They're all healthy for me and make me feel good.  Backsliding is so easy.  It sucks.  It starts a downward spiral that makes me want to start binge eating to make me feel better, but that only makes me feel worse.  

Sigh.  Today is Day 1.  Again.