Ada G.

02/29/2016 10:05AM
"I forget that eating healthy makes me feel good." Preach it sister! Last Wednesday I had to remind myself that I hate to overeat, by overeating! Had not been that miserable since being 9 months pregnant and eating gas causing foods! lol There are moments, or even whole days, that I catch myself backsliding, but I am finding that it is becoming easier to rebound from them. I am no longer backsliding by weeks, months, or even years. Give yourself credit for catching it and starting again. I have really identified with your journey. We can do this! What was your most recent NSV? How long did it take you to get there? See?!! Progress!

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I went out with some friends on Saturday and of course we took a couple selfies. One of my friends commented on a picture, saying, look at your neck!! As in, I actually have one! It's not covered by my chins, lol. I've been all over the place this past month, but I'm remembering that I'm in a much better place than months ago.

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