Here are the body changes I've noticed recently. 

  • My wrists are thinner. I know that's a strange place to start, but I can feel it. I notice it when I'm falling asleep. I guess my right hand knows the exact circumference of my left, because it let me know a week or two ago that things are slimming down!
  • My double chin is receding. Whoo hoo! I have a boxy face any way, so this I really like!
  • My waist is (slightly) smaller. My favorite pair of jeans were so worn that they had to be put out to pasture. :( So I went to my drawer and realized the only pair of jeans I had left were ones that I *hated* to wear because the waist felt pinched. I am not an hourglass figured kind of girl -- I am more of a cardboard tube shaped girl. LOL. But! Lo and behold, I begrudgingly put on my last pair of jeans (vowing to buy better ones ASAP), and BAM! They actually fit! 
  • And finally (warning - not for the squeamish - this may be TMI) - I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed that I'm losing back fat! Back fat is one of those things that signaled (to me at least) that I was really and truly overweight. Not curvy or big boned or athletic...just straight up fat. Rolls on the back were (are) just depressing. But they are shrinking! Yes!


And to celebrate my small NSV today, I decided NOT to have a mocha (even though the weather was so gross and nasty and I was having a huge chocolate craving). Gotta keep this momentum up!