So my 2nd DietBet this year went and gone and I didn't make my goal.  I was however down 7lbs and that's not shabby at all.  Honestly wanted to blame not making goal on that crappy time of the month which in all honesty did show up on weighin day so I think it was a viable excuse, but I'm choosing not to.  If I had worked harder and got my exercise in more often I would have crushed my goal and it wouldn't have mattered.  Nothing to blame but myself.

Excuses, excuses....we've all used them time and time again for just about everything to do with weightloss failure.  Problem is, we always find another one and then another and we never lose the weight.  I'm choosing to not make an excuse, I'm choosing to own my actions and move on.

I'm already in 2 more Kickstarters and I plan to keep piggy backing them until I hit the goal weight I want.  First goal is 50lbs by mid-June, I'm already at -18.4, just 31.6lbs to go.  I can do this, no excuses!  I'm so over my excuses - time to WOMAN up and succeed!