Okay, so I know I have a problem with bread, I mean I love it.  I like baking it, smelling it, eating it.  Not that bread that you buy in the store that is a like a sponge with no taste, REAL bread.  I developed a taste for breads with substance when I lived in The Netherlands for a couple of years.

Last week I decided to go on more protein/less carbs so I haven't eaten any bread in a few days.  Can't really say I've missed it, but I have looked for alternatives.  I NEED a cracker with my salad so I made homemade parmesan "crackers" with no flour, eggs, etc.  Basically it has a small (SMALL!) amount of Hidden Valley ranch dry spice (you get it in a jar) and some HOT sauce, oh yes and of course parmesan cheese.  Not that garbage that comes in the can that you shake.  (it has so many extra chemicals and additives to keep it from clumping).  No, you have to grate a wedge of the parmesan and believe me, it tastes so  much better anyway!  Anyway, in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes.  The recipe says 8, but it needs to be brown on the outside and it took my oven 15.  Of course you spoon them onto PARCHMENT paper first in about a tablespoon or two allotment.  Anyway, yummy in the tummy, but of course now I need to make sure I don't eat very many because they are definitely "more-ish".

So, what's happening on the scales.  Well, actually it IS helping.  I'm going to stick with it until our monthly weigh-in and see how I go, but this morning was good.  I WAS going to give up coffee also (I use Stevia and I thought it just added more carbs, but oh well), but I just can't do both things at once.  So, I decided the coffee can stay (with the Stevia) and some nut milk in it.  Anyway, I will keep on eye on that also, but I NEED that coffee!  Sorry, okay I NEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD that coffee.  And, frankly I just can't drink it black, in fact I don't drink it hot, I use the Keurig and put it over ice.  Don't like hot drinks much at all so I rarely if ever drink them.  (exception is peppermint tea when I'm having a flare).

I do miss my Subway also, but that's okay.  If we go, I will just have a salad and I can eat a salad with no dressing.  That is as long as I have my cheese crackers. LOL.

So, onward I march towards the weigh-in.  I haven't weighed for the token weigh-in either yet, but I will probably Tuesday.  I know we don't have to show a loss, but I would RATHER show a loss otherwise I feel guilty. :)

Oh and if anybody wonders, if you drop parmesan cheese on your floor, pick it up quickly or you will have 2 dogs that eat everything that landed down there.  I don't generally feed my dogs cheese, but I guess when the opportunity presents itself, they are going to take advantage of it.  When I go to the kitchen to cook I have 2 dogs that like to watch in case something  falls on the floor.  Since I'm an extremely clumsy person and more so since I hurt my hand (I severed my tendon in my hand at the thumb.  I had surgery, but it's caused another problem).  Sometimes things just fall out of my hands.  Again, they take advantage of the situation.  I love dogs.

Later, Denise