Well, Fitness Warriors 35 is about to end (tonight) and then Fitness Warriors 36 starts.  Wow, I can't believe the month has gone by so quickly.  The older I get, the faster time seems to go.  So, will I make the weight? Honestly I don't know.  With the prednisone it's been very iffy and couple that with the lack of exercise for the last week..not good, but that's the way it is.  So, I guess I will find out when I step on those scales.  Wish me luck as I wish ALL OF you luck.  I know that some people have to "lose", that is not lose to their goal for me to make any money, but frankly I don't care.  If I just broke even I would be happy because then I would know everybody made their goal and that would be AWESOME!  Of course, that's not going to happen and there will be times I won't make my goal either (this might be one of those).  But, I feel like we have a nice little group going here and I'm fairly new to the bunch.  I feel privileged to be with everybody, with such a encouraging group.  I feel kind of like this is my own little "dietbet" family, my little computer family that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Social networks can be so valuable and of course, they can also be destructive.  That depends on how they are being used and the people occupying the space in a particular content.  I want you all to know that you have helped me enormously and for that, I want to thank you.

So, bravely I will approach the podium (okay, the scales) in the morning and accept my fate and okay, cross my fingers big time!  I will make sure I toss away my worldy possessions (like my watch, socks, anything that weighs anything at all!) until after I descend from the podium and reclaim them either with my head held high or neck drooping in disappointment.  I will (if I have lost my goal weight) smile gently for the camera and make sure to have the weight in focus, all the while being able to see my little piggies still standing on said scales.  And, then I will move on to the next day when we bravely face the enemy yet again and stand at the gates of a (yet another) Fitness Warriors diet bet.

Later, Denise