I decided to have a pity party for myself this 2:30 am.  I don't like autoimmune diseases, they are so hateful. It's bad enough it forces you on prednisone and all other kinds of nasty things,but it strikes when it's rather inconvenient.

I generally can't do much when the $#!*! raises her ugly head but I'm TRYING to lose this weight and in training for a major (for me) race event.  So, I started on the prednisone a couple of days ago and decided to reduce the dose to about 25% of what I take for a starting flare.  Pain lessened somewhat but didn't go away completely like usual.  Then I was watching "600 pound life" and felt really guilty for my lack of exercise the last couple of days,  I decided to do a simple 20 sitting pulls on the Total Gym.  Then I coughed my lungs up for the next 20 minutes ( my flares cause fluid around my lungs and heart) so much so that, well it sent my small protein shake I had for dinner back up.  So back to sitting and doing nothing with pain.  Therefore, I decided to throw a pity party for myself. Oh yes and I don't sleep well anyway and anybody who has taken my best friend and worst enemy pills knows they also can keep you from sleeping.  Hence my 2:30 am pity party.  Oh yeah, and the 2nd surgery on my hand, wrist, elbow because I am the nitwit that severed the tendon in her hand attached to the thumb when I was washing a new and very sharp knife.  That 2nd surgery is next week.

After a few minutes of that I reminded myself of people so much worse off than I am and that I was totally selfish.  So, unfortunately I'll be not doing exercise for a few days AND I will really really watch what I eat before the weigh in.

And to those of you that do have more severe problems and I know there are some, my apologies for feeling sorry for myself.  At the moment, I just can't help myself.  The pity party may go on a little longer.

Later, Denise