So, a friend told me to ditch the bread and of course, he was right.  After weighing myself this morning after eating 2 pieces of bread yesterday and finding an increase in the old weight I decided maybe I'd BETTER listen.

I have decided (like a lot of people on DietBet) to try the high protein/low carb route.  I have done that before with great success but I got so sick of the carrots (I think it was the South Beach or something and it had carrots with every meal) that I just stopped.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE carrots.  I love carrots NOW, having them every day is like eating ice cream every day, after awhile it is yucky.

Then next to the grocery store (after a 4 mile run on the treadmill and several laps in the pool)  to get said high protein items, LORDY the prices on meat and fresh veggies, even at WallyWorld was ridiculous.  Still, I got the food suitable for high protein/low carb.  As I mentioned, I am going to try it for a week and see how I go.

It actually made me think of all the diets I have been on in my 63 years.  There was one that was hard-boiled eggs and grapefruit.  YUCKY, to this day I can't eat a hard-boiled egg without turning it into a "devilled egg" (which defeats the purpose of having it on a low-calorie diet).  Then where was a liquid diet or 2, the stuff started with an "M".  Of course, that didn't last long because I was hungry all the time.  There was the yogurt diet, which I admit I still love yogurt.  But, all I ate was yogurt and sunflower seeds.  And, one year I actually decided to see how long I could go without eating ANYTHING.  I lasted 1 1/2 weeks, which really is pretty good.

So, here I go again albeit not on a "fad" diet but one that actually has some scientific basis.

Those of us that have had a weight problem could tell you ALL the diets ever out there, I think.   A great number of us can also tell you the calories of about every food out there.  NOBODY knows how do a diet better than a fat person.  Of course, every time we would lose 10, we would gain 15.  I was never really heavy until I started on the Prednisone, but it was enough to bother me mentally and physically.  I'm a woman and I could be vain, of course.  Now I am not guided by vanity, but rather by my A1C (glucose levels in my blood) and my lipids in my blood.

Just don't ask me to eat hard boiled eggs.....

Later, Denise