Saint Patrick's Day was the official six month mark to the wedding day(!), and it's time to buckle down. 

Last week was a total wash. For whatever reason, I just let mediocre decisions pile up. Nothing crazy -- no whole pizzas were consumed in the making of this post -- but still, I was not on my game and the scale shows it. Part of the reason was that it was that Time of the Month and while I typically don't let that be an excuse, I also had an OB/GYN visit coming up, so I was obsessing a bit on my lady parts and their effects. 

Before, I was way ahead of the pack on my first month of my new Transformer, now I'm right back in the position of having to eat and drink carefully for the next ten days to win the round. Ugh, why? This happens every time I get ahead. I can never ride that momentum, I always "treat" myself until the advantage is gone. Something I need to think about, for sure. 

But here's the good news. If I stay on track this week I will drop below my lowest weight from doing Diet Bet last year. Then I will REALLY feel like I'm making progress because it will be NEW progress, and not just yo-yoing around the same numbers as before. 

And at least one coworker has noticed, which feels nice. But I sort of deflected because I haven't told anyone in my office that I'm getting married yet. (I work in an office of predominently older middle aged women -- I have four subordinates, each is old enough to be my mother -- so in order to keep the professional atmosphere and keep them from obsessing and giving too much "friendly" advice, I've chosen to hold off on the big announcement until it's closer to the date.)

So here it is in writing: I will stay below my calorie goal every day this week, Monday through Friday. Also I'm going to start going back to the gym over lunch, hopefully I can shave off an extra 100 calories to help the process along in addition to my normal gym nights.