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03/28/2016 1:41AM
Go MARCIE! You are an inspiration. Will sign up as soon as I finish FW35. HOPEFULLY my weight will be down. The prednisone has me worried. And, I have to remember to weigh in before I go to the hospital tomorrow!

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It was a very SHARP mezzaluna knife. They have a handle and kind of rock, not a regular knife. I'm not sure how I even did it, because I cut the BACK of my thumb at the base of my thumb and all the way through the tendon. Didn't even realize it when I did it, didn't feel the pain. A bit later my hand started swelling and I noticed that I could no longer use my thumb at all. (plus I could see white down the channel I cut, LOL) Then I knew I had a problem. Still I persisted for a week(just wrapped it up), I thought maybe I had just broken the thumb and finally went to an orthopedic surgeon and that's when she told me what I had done. If I had cut on the palm side probably I would have been okay, just needing sutures, but NO...I did the top..if you are going to do something I guess you should do it all the way, right? NOT...


OMG I FELT that reading your post. You are one stubborn woman Denise... OUCH.

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