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03/28/2016 12:10PM
Hi Marcie, I miss being in your group but recently found out that my hereditary kidney disease (PKD) has progressed and my kidney function is low. My nephrologist wants me 100% off of meat, dairy and soy so I am in a vegan group this time around. I need some good alternative ideas. Fortunately I've been pretty low meat protein and dairy for years so that has helped me. I'll still be reading your blogs! :-)

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Thank you Marcie. At least I live in a time when there are so many healthy options that don't include meat, dairy or soy. To be considered for a transplant, I have another 50 lbs to lose so, of course, thats what I must do. :-)


Yes that is definitely the bright side - such a focus on recipes with meat, dairy or soy. Can you eat fish? I guess the silver lining is now you have quite a concrete motivation to lose the weight! Seriously, I am sorry you have to deal with all of this and I really hope all goes as well for you as possible!

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