Oh man, do I love my smoothies!  And I have to say, they were a critical success factor in my initial weight loss and now in being able to maintain that weight loss.  They are also a fantastic way to easily (and delicously!) get great nutrients into your body.

Green Smoothies are a fabulous gateway to health and a stepping-stone to creating lasting changes to your overall health and wellbeing. 

So how fun would it be to incorporate a Green Smoothie Challenge into a DietBet game?  I will be offering this in my next game:  GET RESULTS 4 - Lose Weight with Marcie!  Doing the challenge is optional in the game but everyone who participates will have access to the materials which includes tips for how to make delicious healthy smoothies AND over 20 recipes.

Some benefits of Green Smoothies include:

√ Aids in digestion

√ Great for hydrating

√ Effortless way to have your fruits + veggies daily

√ Enhances mental clarity

√ Provides meals that are Quick + Easy

Join us for GET RESULTS 4 - Lose Weight with Marcie!  Link to the game:  http://dbet.me/phmMRz

We start on May 7th - hope to see you there!