Plodding part 1.

I am almost finished my month like all of you. It is critical for me to look back and see what I have done so that I know if I am being true to myself. Today is the 30th and i am reflecting on progress. So here it is:

30 = # days on food plan

30 = # of days exercise.

63 = # miles planned walk with dog.

4.5 = # pounds lost. 

Part of me wants to scream about the weight loss in proportion to the work. The other part of me keeps whispering, "Chill." I think that I will listen to the chill side this month as it is, in truth, miraculous progress fro not too long ago.


Plodding part 2.

It was 4 years ago that I awakened in the hospital with my second knee replacement. The first one had occurred a few months prior and had gone very well. I had opted to get these joints done one at a time. I didn't want to end up in rehab or even a swing bed. I wanted to sleep in my own damned bed with my big dog and creepy cat draped over me. I chose the left one because that was the one causing so much pain. Did you know that your brain helps you to cope with pain in many situations? In the case where there is bi-lateral discomfort  your mind helps quell the pain in one side while you work on fixing the other. I thought that the right one hold up, and this supposition was based on the fact that it didn't hurt. That lasted until i was finished rehab on the first one and got to moving around again. 

The second replacement went as well as the first and within a few weeks I was getting around fairly well. I had really grown to hate exercise and I knew it was because it hurt so much. With the new equipment installed walking was a pleasure reborn. 

That was back in November 2012, or about 3.5 years ago. Most months my goal is 60 miles, and unless the snow is exceptionally deep, and not being cleared, I make it. I know that for many of you 60 miles is a drop in the bucket and I applaud your living up to your own standards, but I am telling this little tale  to those who are trying their damnedest to crank out a half a mile a day. Don't get discouraged. be a plodder; and Chill. Keep moving, stay on your eating plan, and keep plodding. It will come together, and even during th months when the scale doesn't move like you want it to life will feel better.