Truth! This is not a diet, it is your life. It can’t be any simpler than that. Where are you today? Are you a NOOB with pounds and pounds to lose? Are you an old hand, an expert in the field with a distinguished weight loss pedigree to show? Or are you working it, up some days and down others just trying to get a handle on things…again?

Within this program there is a wealth of experience and ideas. There are the “Old Wise Ones” who have seen much and can offer suggestions. There are nutrition gurus who can help tweak your food plan. There are those who know the nuts and bolts of how to workout and there are those who seem to pop out of nowhere and write one line that leaves you feeling instantly grounded and at peace. Use these resources. Ask questions. Talk among yourselves. Develop friendships. Soak it in.  There will come that time when you understand that this is not a diet, it is just another part of your life. Keep it simple. Don’t make yourself crazy when you have a bad day. The wonder of it is that you can start again at any time.

The most important thing that I can tell you about our group, Fitness Warriors 39, is that we are here to help. Sure we’d like to see everyone make goal  but we are a laid back bunch who also enjoy the journey. So hop aboard. The ride may not be fast, but we will help you get there.