I was supposed to blog everyday to keep my motivation up , but my broken scale and my ability to not do what I am supposed to do took over.

I ordered a new scale.

My previous scale only told me my weight and and my BMI , and I loved that.

My new scale has a lot of features I do not care about, but is half price, red and beautiful I could not resist buying it .

Now I kind of regret it as one of the feature of the scale is to be a very rude piece of BEEP.. and to ruin my day.

The first time I got on it after filling all the informations regarding my age, my height, my gender.. that very rude machine wrote that my body age was 48!

Now I have nothing with 48 years old people except that I am still 30 years old!!!

That is why I do not like scales with too many features, I do not need no scale to tell me OVERWEIGHT! TOO MUCH FAT! YOUR BODY IS TOO OLD FOR YOUR AGE ! Every morning!

Great way to start the day.

Anyway this morning my scale (my super rude scale) told me that I was 1kg5 heavier than yesterday for some reason!

I was good on my no rice, pasta, flour thing, and yesterday after taking MiniMe to a tropical garden (one hour bicycle ride) I walked on the treadmill, so let's wait and see.

2 more weeks to go hope we can all win the bet !