I was a vegetarian for almost 8 years. In the last month, I've started to consume seafood since I've had to cut other things out of my diet (gluten, dairy, amongst others). My iron levels have been quite low, and although I've intermitently taken supplements, it hasn't seemed to get any better. So, I stuck to it! Took a double dose of iron every single day. About 3 months and $150 later, my iron levels have gone DOWN.

In women, your iron level should be between 50-150 mcg/dL. Although low iron levels in women are quite frequent (men's are better due to diet), the fact that I've been supplementing this much, and that my levels have gone from 16 to 14 is absurd!

I am sooo faaar paaast frustrated. I've tried telling the doctor that there has to be something else wrong. I've been diligent. I've asked if there are alternatives...a shot in the bum, a blood transfusion, a dosage that requires a prescription...and for whichever reason he may have (he did not share) he said I didn't want to resort to such a method. But...why? CLEARLY my body isn't absorbing iron. What do they tell me I need to do? EAT A STEAK.

I'm not dense. If I need to eat red meat to get my body what it needs, to stop from feeling groggy amongst other things, then I will, but I am NOT going to be happy about it, especially not the first while. I cried actual tears. And not because I had to eat the poor moo-cow, but because my doctor won't listen to me! If I'm ingesting twice the RDI of iron, without caffeine or tea or calcium to block it, and with vitamin C to help absorb it, and my levels have gone down, the ONLY thing eating the steak will do will make me do something I don't want to, and prove I was right.

So THAT'S why I'm going to do it. One month of red meat...but not til my partner gets home because I'm actually quite scared and nervous about it. And if my iron levels haven't significantly improved, I'm gonna walk in that doctors office and lose my freaking potatoes.

I just want to feel better...Nothing annoys me more than a doctor who thinks he knows your body better than you.