Despite a crazy schedule, I have done a damn good job of sticking to my workout regime and diet. Not to say it's been 100% without setbacks, but I definitely did not expect this month's results. A gain of two pounds?! How?! I feel like I've lost I delusional?

I've started eating breakfast, I drink a ton of water, I've brought meat back into my diet to ensure I'm getting the iron my body hasn't been able to absorb....this is one uphill battle that I truly thought I was making headway on.

So, now what? Dig deeper, try harder. I have to admit, I'm more pissed off than anything. I'm sure that will change later after it's settled in a bit. The hard part will be to not to turn to emotional eating. I've been pretty decent at controlling that part...ugh! That's what I don't get! I feel like I'm making the effort and I feel like there's progress...and then this! Yes, it's not about the number, but right now, it IS about the number...

It's one month of three, and I have two more to go. Time to buck up!