But I did! I may not have won the August 4-August 31 diet bet... But I lost 6.6 pounds!

This is a super huge accomplishment for me because usually I like to do it slowly (partially because I LOVE to eat and don't like restricting calories lol), but I was able to lose more than a pound per week and I didn't feel deprived.

Now... I DO think that losing 4% is not sustainable for me in the long run... Only because it means I'd have to be more and more restrictive and I don't like that sort of thing...


But I'm in the Transformer and hope to lose 10% by March! I think it's doable and sustainable. 6 months is a long time to build better habits and the weightloss is gradual, so I think it'll be easier to maintain in the long run.


Hopefully I win the big prize next time! But I'm looking forward to continuing the journey either way!