So I weighed in on Wednesday and somehow I went from 172.4-174.2 in a week...  I didn't eat worse, in fact if anything I ate for maintenance instead of a loss... So all in all, I'm a little frustrated because let's face it... There's MONEY on the line here! I can't afford to just toss $25 every month to lose a ittle bit of weight... If so I'd do it on my own and not need dietbet! The point is to win... Not just lose weight... But to WIN THE MONEY!

So you know what.... I'm going to try my best to make it this time... It's still going to be a sprint to get to the dietbet goal for this round... I literally have to lose 3 pounds in 6 days... Unless I do some kind of juice fast (which honestly, I'm just not all that interested, plus I'm not sure if the referees would really okay that sort of thing... I'd probably be red flagged and audited all over the place for that kind of drop), I'm probably not getting there (although I weighed in a nearly a pound and a half less today than I did on Wednesday...maybe I'll keep that up!? who knows!).

However, it's ALL about perspective! My dietbet goal is to lose essentially 18 pounds within 6 months. I've also decided that 18 pounds over months is SUPER doable... In fact it's so doable, it really only means 3 pounds per month... So even if I don't make every round (although I'm tired of giving my money away lol), 3 pounds per month? Come on! I CAN DO THAT!

So I think this game is about perspective! That's the point of the 6 month transformer bet right? to cange your thoughts and give yourself time to do so. The transformer isnt' a quick fix like the 4% DietBet is... It's about making sustainable changes for the future... I think 3 pounds per month is certainly sustainable and doable...


Plus if  Ilose a little extra it'll only be icing on the proverbial cake :)