I'm legit scared I won't get through this. Currently being at a work conference doesn't make this easy (especially when I don't have access to gyms and I left my running shoes at home), but I'm heading home tomorrow afternoon. Thank the baby Jesus. 

I didn't eat all that well today, but I walked a little under 7 miles today (6.7 miles) so I'm feeling like I moved a good bit considering I also spent the rest of the day sitting. 

I should probably come up with some sort of weekly workout schedule... Since I'll be traveling for most of tomorrow, Thursday is workout day 1. I'm not thrilled about this, but can't think of an alternative. 

So - that fear I referenced earlier comes from the fact that I've "tried" to lose this weight many, many times in the past, and quickly failed. The last time I was successful, I was living alone, working out 2-3x per week, and eating lean cuisine meals. I would absolutely love to have that sucess, but with REAL food; however, I'm terrible with portion sizing. 

FYI: I'm hoping that ID'ing my struggles will push me to work on them. 

  1. Portion control
  2. Maintaining a regular workout schedule
  3. Eating veggies
  4. Cutting down on carbs and bad fat
  5. Drinking water

This is where I'm at now.