I had a problem with my rude new scale. It was rude.

But it seems I had another problem I was not aware of. After buying it I noticed that my weight was higher than the previoius scale.

I though Shoganai (it cannot be help) But then my weight went really up for no apparent reason!

Husband found the answer in the manual. The scale resets its zero regularly, so you need to leave it flat on the ground all the time.


I was putting it in a corner on its side as my husband complained about having it in the way for shower, then in the toilet (just tried to help XD)

Now that I know what is wrong, and understood I am also suypposed to touch the middle of the rude scale before I check my weight (did not know either and hoped right on)  I am able to say that I have reached my goal for now!


I have to keep on dieting as it could just be water movement, or else, and it is easy to be  heavier or lighter  from a day to another so I hope I will keep on losing weight to be safe.

Lucky as I am I can just picture myself doing a weigh in and because of the Terrible Cycle end up losing bloated with water!

Yesterday I did some yoga watching a tvshow.

100% ?! Make it 200% in two weeks  (delusionnal me talking)

Good luck everyone!