Well, I'll be starting new medications that are notorious for weight gain.  I refuse to allow this to happen.  I've maintained my weigt for over a year within 5 pounds either way.  I've starter to amp up my fitness level and lose weight again.  I am getting married in July and I really want to be able to wear anything I want, without modifications.  I want to be strong and healthy so that we can continue enjoying our hikes through the desert, but so much more.  I want to be able to hike longer and further than I can now.  It's time to quit being complacent and get my butt in gear, literally and figuratively  I will have young children in the home again and I've got to be ready for action.  Working long crazy hours with a crazy up and down schedule is difficult, but I must find a way for some me to get healthier time.  No excuses!  If I don't, I won't be able to enjoy the children or my partner in a way that we all love. 

This is my letter to myself.  You've got this!  Think of all the fun times ahead with all the hiking, canoeing, climbing, cycling, and just playing that awaits you.  I must do this so that I have the energy to play like I did once upon a time.  Age is but a number, so is the scale.  What really matters is the energy and the fitness level which is measured by endurance.

I will rock this and get my body ready for my future with lean muscle and tons of energy.  I won't even let the upcoming surgery keep me down.