This has been a very difficult time for me.  I lost my best friend who happened to be my ex-husband.  I am now the administrator of his estate, so I must be reminded constantly of is passing.  Our son has good days and bad days, as to be expected.  I get so tempted to just eat a cake and go into a sugar coma.  Thanks to this community, I don't.

My fiance and I have been in a very difficult custody battle for a beautiful 10 year boy.  We won.  It was not an easy battle to fight.  Again, I just wanted pastries, but I exercised instead, thanks to this community.

I was informed that I need to have a surgery.  Thankfully, it's not a dire need unless I begin to have complications related to the isuue.  Once again, I looked to the snack cakes for stress relief, but I went hiking instead as I didn't want to have to tell my friends I devoured a whole box, as I would have done in the past.

My autistic child who turned 18 just after his father passed decided one month prior to his  birthday that he wanted to complete his Eagle Scout requirements.  As I am his Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout advisor, it became another challenge to make sure he was registered properly with the Boy Scouts of America program.  He is a Lone Scout as we live a hundred miles from the nearest town, so this has been a challenge like no other.

I started a new job.  Normally this would not be so bad, however, it encompasses the requirements of 3 different positions all rolled into one.  I have had to read contracts, OSHA laws, EPA laws and many other documents to prepare for deadlines I didn't know were coming.  My brain is fried and I wanted fried foods to go with it.  I got on the bike instead and moaned and groaned about the deadlines while reading the contracts.  My head wanted to explode, but the spinning of the wheels soothed me enough to absorb what I needed and I met my deadlines for now.  More to come in January, but now I know I got this!

So many other challenges including loved ones with severe drug addictions going down the wrong path and destroying the ones they love around them.

I tell you though this has been a rough year, my Dietbet community has been a real lifesaver and so supportive that I didn't resort back to food to "drug" myself throug.

I thank you.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.