Okey dokey - so glad to do a re-start here!

Today is my dad's 85th birthday - he's been healthy and pretty fit all his life. He's been blessed with pretty good health - no cancer (except skin cancer) and no heart attacks (just some irregular beats recently). In spite of this good health at his age, it's been a shock to me to see what arthritis can do in just a few months. He's gone from full mobility (including ladders and running if he needs to) to being unable to walk without a walker and without pain, in really just about 3-4 months. He had a PT consultation and they showed him x-rays which explained the cartilage problem to him. I've always thought about the big diseases (cancer and cardiac problems) but what sounds like a smaller disease (arthritis) can also be so debilitating.

I really didn't realize that the elderly people I've seen and known with their canes and walkers were struggling with arthritis (at least partially) as a major contributing factor. I guess I thought it was more about balance and neurological - but wrong! Arthritis and stiffening of the joints is a huge culprit. I remember an administrator I worked with years ago who was quite heavy and struggled about with a cane. I remember feeling very sad for her difficulties with walking which were apparently compounded by her weight. A nice Italian grandma-type lady. Probably long gone, bless her heart.

And guess what?  My recent declining mobility is also related to arthritis. In the last two months, I have not stayed true to my low-carb goals and have indulged in many sweets and also other carbs, related to quesadillas and tortillas (ouch). After reading more about arthritis, I am learning how inflamation of the joints  makes it worse and guess what - the way I have been eating contributes to inflamation in general. I can feel it - right now my joints feel stiffer than ever. Hips are painful, even just lying in bed. Knees & ankles are bad. And I also realize that my hands are super stiff. This is not good!!!

So arthritis is a something I need to combat:  1) better nutrition - i.e., low-carb/paleo/keto whatever you want to call it. 2) supplements for joints including H.A. 3) weight loss.  GO-GO-GO

Also to mention the recent struggles. Because of the increasing arthritis I've been feeling, especially in hips, I've decreased my excercise to the lowest level I've ever done. Makes it so difficult to keep focused on the weight loss progress. But I was reading just last night that weight loss is not impossible with minimal excercise. The doc on the podcast said that it's harder but possible, and that the idea that excercise is "required" for weight loss is another myth. Thank you, Jimmy Moore, for your podcasts!

Also, I was diagnosed with a thyroid mass about a year ago. It is reported to be larger than most - not even able to be accurately measured by ultrasound because of its size. After reading that cruciferous vegetables make thyroid masses worse, my whole of way of eating was basically shattered. Previously, my low carb target eating included frequent broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. Upon learning these may make the the thyroid mass worse, I've struggled with eating enough vegetables. Aargh... this has been feeling like quite a quandry.

I guess my plan is to just eat the best low carb way I can, include the vegetables I want for now. And hopefully, find a consultation from a functional medicine person, or low-carb friendly nutritionist, or possibly a chiropracter, somebody who has some knowledge in these areas.

So it's a go for renewed focus! I'm happy for the way Dietbet helps me stay focused.

Don't give up - don't ever give up.

To anyone who might read this, best to you in all your endeavors to maintain your health.