Well, I've come to the conclusion that Casual "just Eating Better" does not work for me. If you look at my graph on the profile since Jan 1, 2014, you can see slow periods of pretty much no loss or minimal loss and then focused periods where my weight actually drops.  What I know is that those periods of weight loss always happened with intense focus and planning on food preparation and portion control, plus almost daily exercise. The non-weight loss periods always happen when I'm just in a basic mode, even if I'm not eating badly.  Exercise is not optional;  I do lose more with going to 24-Hour fitness at least a few times a week to use the elliptical machines or doing my basic workout at home.

Casual Dieting may work for you if you are young, still have a great metabolism, are not yet approaching menopause, or have never had yo-yo weights up and down. Once some of those biological realities set in, go for the Focused Intensity!!

Have fun and stay focused!