Looking forward to some success! It's another beginning!

I'm now in two DietBets:  6 month Transformer and Jillian's - might as well try for 2 at a time to stay focused!



Low carb - cut out diet coke, avoid artifical sweetners

More plain old water or mineral water

I want to weigh every day and record it on DietBet at least 2X per week - Tuesdays and Fridays seem like good days to record weight.

Exercise - Targeting going to 24Hour Fitness at least 2X per week. Would like to get a routine of morning stretching or a bit of yoga - will see what can be fit in around work.

That's it for now :) 

Off to work - life would be so much easier with occasional workdays and most days available for exercise, meal planning and cooking, housekeeping, and organizing. How do other people do it?!?