Hi My Beautiful DietBetter Family!!!

I hope you all are doing well and are continuing to accomplish your weight loss goals. :-)


Today I have to go for more tests:

1. Breast sonogram and follow-up mammogram due to the abnormal mammogram done 2 weeks ago.

2. Abdominal CT scan (with and without dye) because I had an abnormal abdominal ultrasound that shows a sac filled with water attached to my kidney.

3. A pelvic MRI (with and without dye) because I had an abnormal pelvic ultrasound that also shows (in addition to the thickened endometrium) that I may have an ovarian cyst (or something) that needs to be checked out. (That's tomorrow.)

As far as the endometrial biopsy is concerned, they're not gonna admit me into the hospital to do it until after I return from visiting my family in SC. My birthday is January 21st, and I'm gonna celebrate my 55th birthday with them. Also, while I'm there, we're gonna have a big party to celebrate my sister's life. Every year, we have a memorial party to celebrate her because she loved life!!! IT'S PARTY TIME!!! Hey: I need this after all this stuff I've been dealing with!!! Thank GOD I can take a trip & enjoy myself before the real fun begins (procedures)!!! LOL!!!

Gotta take a shower now & get ready to go for my tests. It's 7:06am, & I have to leave my house at 8:15am.

GOD HEARS ALL PRAYERS, so please keep on praying for a sista!!! I really appreciate it!!! Chat with you again very soon..... HUGS & LOVE!!! :-)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Everybody!!! :-)


DANG!!! I'M SOOO THIRSTY!!! I'd love to have a glass of water right now, but I can't!!! LOL!!!