Hi My Beautiful DietBetter Family!!!

The pain I experienced after the surgery was NO JOKE!!! I was afraid to move or even cough because EVERYTHING HURT!!! LOL!!! I hurt so bad over the weekend that I had to call my doctor to ask her why. I wanted to know why my throat & neck hurt, in addition to the rest of my body. When she returned my call, she explained, but first, I'm gonna tell you guys what happened before it all happened.

Prior to going into the operating room, I expressed my fear of waking up during the procedure. My doctor told me that it wouldn't happen because I'd be given general anesthesia. I told her that I would because I had awakened when a polyp was removed during a colonoscopy the month before. She really didn't believe me, so she asked the anesthesiologist to talk to me. I told him the same story, & he said that I really didn't get general anesthesia when I had that done; they just gave me enough to go into a twilight sleep. He saw the anxiety that I was experiencing, & tried to reassure me that I wouldn't wake up. I said to him: "Okay now. I'd hate to be that patient that wakes up in the middle of this. I'm scared that I'm gonna feel the pain!!!" He told me not to worry; it wasn't gonna happen.

Okay: so they take me into the operating room, & when the doctor asks for my arm, I'm thinking he was just gonna put in the IV & then I'd go to sleep. Well, after he inserted the needle, I felt myself being strapped in before I went into the twilight zone. LOL!!! Now, I remember waking up as we're leaving the operating room & I'm holding my stomach because I'm in a lot of pain. They had given me a lot of drugs, & although my procedure lasted only an hour (9:20am), I didn't leave the recovery room til almost 4pm. I thought that was strange, but at the time I still was drugged & didn't question it.

Now, back to my conversation with my doctor: When I asked her why I was in so much pain, she laughed!!! She told me, quote, unquote: "You may not remember, but you kept waking up during the procedure, & we had to keep giving you meds to knock you out!!!" She said they had given me a drug that would also cause amnesia, & that's why I don't remember. They couldn't keep giving me general anesthesia because it would have been difficult to wake me up. She also said that I was in sooo much pain that I kept tensing my muscles while I was in restraints, & that's why my body was sooo sore. They even had to intubate me. Lastly, they had a hard time trying to keep my blood pressure under control. I said: "See!!! I told you guys that I wake up!!!" Apparently they DID heed my warning because why would I have been put in restraints beforehand if they didn't believe my story had some truth to it!!! Can you imagine a person waking up during a procedure not in restraints??? My story would have turned out differently because I probably would have had more complications, surgical injuries, etc. Thank GOD they listened!!! LOL!!!

My biggest fear is if I have to have a hysterectomy. I don't know what they're gonna do!!! I'll be seeing my doctor on 3/9/17 for my biopsy results. Please pray for me!!! I[m praying for good results. HUGS & LOVE!!! :-)