Hi My Beautiful DietBetter Family!!!

Yesterday I had surgery to rule out endometrial cancer. It went well except for the pain I felt afterwards. In addition to having tissue removed from my endometrium for biopsy, a fibroid was also removed. I was in so much pain that I had to be given 3 doses of Dilaudid (stronger than Morphine). I was hurting sooo bad!!! The medicine they gave me was some good stuff because I felt no pain; I just have to wear pads. LOL!!! But today: OMG!!! When I woke up, I thought I had gotten hit by a Mack truck!!! LOL!!! Everything hurts: my neck, arms, stomach, back, & legs!!! DANG!!! I mean really: Did I wake up during the procedure & had to be put into restraints??? I wasn't expecting my whole body to hurt like this!!! I'm gonna have to ask my doctor about that when I go for my 2 week follow-up appt. LOL!!! And I can't even take a hot bath & soak in Epsom salt to take away the pain..... DANG!!! I'm just gonna take meds & stay in bed (800 mg of Ibuprofen). I was told if I'm in too much pain to call my doctor for stronger meds, but I'll pass. Don't want to get used to feeling that good!!! LOL!!!

In 2 weeks, I'll get my biopsy results. Still praying for good news.... Keep your prayers coming!!! I'll check back in a couple days from now. Gonna rest now..... LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :-)