This blog is gonna be short & sweet (gotta get up at 4:45am, & it's already 10:24pm).


Hi My Beautiful DietBetter Family!!!

I'M BACK!!! Sorry I've been MIA. I went to SC t.o celebrate my 55th birthday with my family & to also celebrate the life of my sister who passed away way too soon. (She passed away 2/7/12.) I had a blast!!! I wasn't ready to come back!!! LOL!!!

Now that I'm back, & it's time to face the music. Tomorrow @ 7am, I'm scheduled to have a D&C with a hysteroscopy to rule out endometrial cancer. If my doctor sees something abnormal, I will have to have a hysterectomy. I'm not sure whether it will be done tomorrow or if it's gonna be postponed for a later date. If it were up to me, I'd have it done while I'm already under anesthesia. It's all good though. Whatever happens, I'm in GOD's hands!!! Please say a prayer for a sista!!! :-)

I've really missed you guys!!! Hope you all are still dropping pounds LIKE THEY'RE HOT!!! :-)

I'll check back in later when I can...... SENDING PLENTY OF HUGS & LOVE!!! :-)