So I'm starting to settle in to my new diet. I miss having all my breads, pastas and sweet things, especially since I still have a lot of that in the house. However, my energy level has been fantastic! Yesterday I was out touring some Navy ships that were open to the public and did about 12,000 steps by 3pm. I hadn't yet had any food but even at 3pm I still had great energy. It feels like everything I eat now sticks with me for much much longer, so I don't have the ups and downs I used to.

I'm still trying to nail down meals to get the right balance and size and my appetite does seem to be decreasing some, which will make it even easier to portion control. Even in this adjustment phase I am seeing weight loss though so I'm quite happy.

Why am I doing a low carb diet? Because I'm breaking up with my carb and sugar addiction. More and more science is pointing to a low fat, high carb diet as bad for us and I was a complete carb junky. There's a Facebook forum called Ketogenic Dieters that I'm participating in for ideas and education. 

My goal is to try this out for a couple months and see how I feel, what my bloodwork looks like, and how my weight and strength change. It is going to be so hard to give up 1/2 of my favorite foods but I'm hopeful that the results I get will be worth the effort!


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