I am struggling to reduce carbs and increase protein. More research needed, although I have cut out almost all carbs from pasta, bread and desserts. I know this because, I have had very few servings of pasta, bread and desserts. Right now, I don't miss those. On the other hand, I also haven't gone to some of my most favorite "bread" places like Panera, Red Lobster or Olive Garden.  So my "bad carbs" right now are on hiatus.

For a long time now, when I eat a hamburger, I don't have it on the bun. I used to just take it off the bun but now just skip it. Did you know that you can go to Five Guys and they will put a hamburger in a bowl? My boss laughed, but, to be honest, it is a whole heck of a lot easier to eat a messy burger with a fork and knife, especially when you are eating with your co-workers!  Just sayin!

So, my stats for the last couple days are a clear indication of where the problems lay . . . going over on carbs or gob smacking them and not even getting close to hitting protein targets:

Sunday Total Goal Left
Total Fat 20 57 37
Sodium 1162 2300 1138
Carbs 109 85 (24)
Protein 28 213 185
Calories 1240 1424 184
Monday Total Goal Left
Total Fat 49 57 8
Sodium 3026 2300 (726)
Carbs 77 85 8
Protein 89 213 124
Calories 1523 1424 (99)

I know that good carbs include vegetables, legumes, low glycemic fruits such as berries and apples and unprocessed high fiber whole grains.  I am not a fan of oatmeal, unless it has butter on it, raisins, brown sugar and cinammon.  So it is probably better to abstain from oatmeal than load it up with stuff that I am avoiding.  But for the fun of it, I entered my favorite oatmeal into My Fitness Pal to see what is good/bad about this carb breakfast:

oatmeal Total Goal Left
Total Fat 11 57 46
Sodium 715 2300 1585
Carbs 69 85 16
Protein 9 213 204
Calories 411 1424 1013

Oh, wait, there's more.  If I have two hard-boiled eggs and four slices of oven-baked bacon (which is how it is prepared in my domain), I end up with the following stats:

HB egg/Bacon Total Goal Left
Total Fat 22 57 35
Sodium 742 2300 1558
Carbs 13 85 72
Protein 26 213 187
Calories 330 1424 1094

While the fat is much higher, the carbs and calories are lower, along with a higher level of protein.  I gotta tell you, I would take the hardboiled eggs and bacon over the oatmeal, any day of the week.

We have a winner!!  Sort of . . . now, what would happen if I added an apple and took out the bacon:

HB egg/Apple Total Goal Left
Total Fat 10 57 47
Sodium 163 2300 2137
Carbs 30 85 55
Protein 14 213 199
Calories 235 1424 1189

Holy halapalozza, batman . . . look at those numbers!  With this, I can add tuna to my salad at lunch!

Dontcha just love playing with the numbers?  Can you tell that I do!