My daughter is moving back home for a bit.  Truly, I am happy.  She loved her new apartment up until three months ago.  But then, new neighbors, loud parties, kids running in the hall, vehicles randomly parked and blocking other cars, including her's, have all taken a toll.  I knew this was coming because she was spending the night more and more at home rather than there, especially on weekends.

What this means though is that my gradual sprawl into her bedroom needed to be addressed and, rather quickly.  While she didn't mind that she didn't have drawer or closet space while just spending the night, by next weekend, it will all be changed.

So I cleaned this weekend.  While she is packing up her place, I was cleaning out closets.  And, we all know how that goes.  One thing leads to another, which leads to another, and so on and so forth.  The upside is that the weather is getting cooler here in Northeast Ohio so, it was, truly time to switch out clothes.  And, it was also time to get rid of stuff.  

Among the stuff in her closet that I tossed was a skirt and two dresses.  I don't wear them.  Ever.  Even for weddings.  I don't know why I have kept these items for so long.  The one dress I wore in 2010.  The other dress and the skirt, I don't have a clue as to when I wore them last much less what I was thinking every time I touched them and put them back in the closet.  

I also cleaned out my son's drawers.  He has grown four inches since January.  He has also started high school and switched from a parochial school that requires uniforms to a public school where shorts and jeans are the daily garb.  Gone.  All polo shirts, except the white one, which he does wear to church.  All the dress pants that are too short.  The gym uniform, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc., which was new last year as a "required" change even for the 8th graders . . . don't get me started . . . All of it is gone.  

It was so nice this morning to look in the closet and see everything nicely organized, by color, no less.  Then I tried to put on my socks and my back started screaming "Washing the bathroom floors was okay and cleaning the vanities on Saturday was a good idea.  But, really, you think schlepping bags and boxes and moving dressers was fun?  Ha!"  The upside is that my back and hips hurt so bad that I am forced to sit up straight and get up and walk around often.  

So that, my friends, was my exercise for the weekend.

Oh, and I weighed myself and am down 2.5 lbs.  I'll take it.  Even over my screaming back!