After this week, I would have been voted off the island (oops, wrong reality show), kicked out of Biggest Loser.  

I fell off it so hard and every day got worse.  Poor planning, no planning, upset plans, ridiculous options and poor choices.  

I came to work on Sunday, bringing my son along to do some major shredding.  My job is very confidential and it is always hard to find someone who just doesn't care what the documents say.  A 13 year old boy is perfect to shred ten years worth of confidential documents.  So while he was tied to the shredder, I went through the documents.  

Move that barge, Lift that bale.  In the process, I wracked up some serious back pain.  We finally stopped when the battery on my nook died and he couldn't listen to any more of the audio book.  So, after five hours or so, he announced that the battery is dead and he is starving.  

And, he wanted to go someplace that served breakfast.  Hmmmm.  We went to a local dive.  You know the one.  It has the case of pies, pastries, cakes, brownies, etc. in the case in front.  This one even has a local baker that makes cookies the size of salad plates and fresh baked kolachke.  I resisted.  I ordered Matzo Ball soup.  My son, the breakfast-loving, pancake enthusiast ordered pancakes, sausage and potato skins.  Really?!?  Potato skins.  

ME:  You gonna eat all that?

HIM:  You betcha.  I'm starved.

He also ate my roll and the crackers that came with the soup.

HA!  One bite out of one potato skin and he was done.  Of course, by that time, I was done with my soup.  And, you know where this is going, don't you.  I ate not one but TWO of his potato skins.  

Tuesday was the lunch that our staff puts on for the managers.  The menu consisted of chips, dips, bean dip, more chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, rolls, fried chicken and a variety of desserts.  It was BYOB so I did bring my own water.  

Wednesday I went to the doctor for my back . . . and remember the lift that bale, move that barge . . . rest, heat, tylenol, but, by the way, your blood pressure is much better 120/80 . . . losing 11 pounds does work some magic . . . and don't do anything strenous, except get up from your desk every 30 minutes and walk around for five to ten.  

Thursday was good and controlled.  Today though, I want food.  My back hurts so I am sitting straight up and have adjusted my seat to accomodate the pain.  I get up.  I walk around.  I go into the coffee/copy room and WHAM . . . left over chips, dips, chips, bean dip . . . the only upside is that all the fried chicken is gone.  

Tonight I am working the concessions at my son's high school's last home football game.  Fortunately, I don't like the food we serve, well, except for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  

I am going to get kicked off the island!