Wack . . . Bam . . . Boom . . . 

One challenge after another . . . it is exhausting.  

The biggest challenge for me and probably one of the biggest reasons my butt is extra large is that I came from the clean plate club.  If it hits your plate, you finish it.  I was one of seven kids.  We were MANDATED to finish all of our food.  You know we had to sacrifice for all those starving children in China.  I never really got the logic of that but finish our plates is what we did.  It is such a bad habit.  

My husband is still of the clean plate club AND the "rarely do we have leftovers" club.  The biggest argument we have is that he thinks the kids should take and eat everything, which is really hard when Mom (that would be me) doesn't want to do that.  We have negotiated a truce.  I won.  So, the rule of the house is "this is what we are having for dinner.  Try it.  Even if it is a little bit.  If you don't like it that is fine, but remember, when dinner is done the kitchen is closed."  

So, one of the challenges I have set for myself during this dietbet, is that if I am not fond of something, I don't finish it.  I also need to leave something on my plate.  At every meal.  PUT THE FORK DOWN.

I realized on Friday that I am getting pretty good at this.  I had shrimp diablo for lunch (skipped the rice, so it was basically six shrimp in a diablo sauce) and roasted corn.  I love roasted corn.  However, this was probably the worst roasted corn I have ever tasted.  It was gummy and awful.  I didn't return it.  I just didn't eat it.  

However, my daughter and I went to a baby shower yesterday.  Appetizers were cheese and crackers and buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips.  The lunch was chicken in some sort of sauce, au-gratin potatoes and a brocolli/cauliflower salad.

I ate cheese and no crackers and not even a lot of cheese, maybe two ounces (four 1" square about 1/4" thick (flat - not cubed) pieces), buffalo chicken dip and eight tortilla "scoops."  

I didn't like the chicken, so I only ate two bites, didn't finish the potatoes nor the salad.  The salad had too much dressing and the lettuce that was in it was rather limp and wilted, not to my liking.  I did have one brownie and trust me when I say that these were the smallest brownies in the world.  Sort of like, brownie bites.  You don't take a bite out of them.  Instead, they were the pop in the mouth variety.  

Challenge accepted:  PUT THE FORK DOWN . . . and really, licking the plate is just so very tacky!