I am ready


10/15/2014 10:04AM
Thanks for sharing this......I have to start by telling you, I read this last night & it brought tears to my eyes.... & again just now....
You are stronger then you think...just being here is a big step.
I am so sorry to hear about your Dad ( mine also passed .....from lung cancer) but I can tell you...the day you got on the scale & those 198 popped up, your Dad was right there with you ......Jumping for joy & giving you a big high 5 and a hug.
I'm sure you already know that ;))))
As I've said many times in the last couple weeks ( this is my first time here) although the journeys that brought us here are different. We all have the same goal...to live healthier & happier lives. You got this ;))) & when times get tough well be here to cheer you on ;)) good luck on this journey

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