Just stepped on the scale for the first time in forever for my initial weigh in.  It's pretty shocking to see the numbers that appeared.  This is the heaviest I've ever been in my life.  It doesn't help that my mom who took the photo for me had to comment on my weight.  

She's the same height as me (5'9") but weighed about 110 pounds and was a size zero in her wedding dress at the age of 28.  Model status.  I'm 22 years old and 34 pounds heavier than that, and definitely not a size zero.  Even after having my brother and I, she maintained a size three for a long time despite never working out or dieting.  Just lucky I guess, and it seems like I didn't receive that same blessing.  She likes to remind me of that even though she's very overweight now and may have to go on blood pressure medicine due to it.  If I bring that up then she states that "she's old and doesn't care about how she looks now" and that "I'm going to be twice her weight when I get into my 50's at the rate that I'm going."

My mom and I have a good relationship but her comments about my weight all the time really bring me down.  I understand she's being honest, but she does it in a very brutal way.  I've told her this on multiple occasions in which she tells me that I'm being "too sensitive".  It's tough.  But I guess I'm just going to have to use this experience to prove her wrong and turn her negative comments into motivation.

I'm going to prove her wrong.  I'm going get in shape and good health and it will mean so much more to me because I had to work for it instead of it just being handed to me.