Oh, Thursday...  I love you because you signify that it is almost Friday, which means it's almost the weekend... But today, Thursday, you did me so wrong!  Scratch that, I did me so wrong and it happened to fall on today, thus souring my experience with this Thursday.

You see, I had to go to the market to pick up some stuff for a work event, and I hadn't eaten all day (my first mistake).  While picking stuff up, I was faced with the cookie aisle.

Oh, cookie aisle, you that are simultaneously my favorite destination and yet the bane of my weight loss mission.  So instead of walking on by like someone in their right mind, I grabbed the animal crackers (bourgie organic animal crackers) and some vanilla chai shortbread cookies (gluten free and vegan, yet completely delicious), and I polished off around 800 calories worth of cookies.

And you better believe that it didn't feel like 800 calories.  It actually felt like bliss wrapped in magic, but the after-effect felt like guilt wrapped in remorse.  But at least they satisfied my hunger, so I didn't actually eat much else (just some veggies and a few pieces of salami) the rest of the day until dinner, when I ate veggies (LOTS of veggies), brown rice, and egg.  So I was still under calories, but today I was sadly nutritionally deficient, and all because I couldn't say no to a few (okay, there was nothing "few" about the quantity I ate) cookies.

Did I learn my lesson?  Hopefully.  But tomorrow is a new day, and I will be better.  

Anyone have any good resources or advice for how to increase willpower?  I know there's a whole science behind it and there are a ton of books about it, but I totally believe in word-of-mouth :)  




P.S. At least I weighed in at 3.6 pounds less than my starting weight today (and 0.3 pounds from this month's goal)!  It's amazing how quickly results show after a dietary clean-up.  I know I un-did some of that today, but my damage isn't irreversible!