This past weekend, I went to Southern California with my boyfriend for his birthday to visit his friends and family, and I will admit that I was not super well-behaved.

But I did watch my portions, and that made a world of different.  I weighed in this morning at 126.4, which is 1.3 pounds heavier than my lightest day last week.  Sure it's a gain, but I started this challenge at 129, and it's still a 2.6 pound loss that puts me at 1.3 pounds from my goal weight.

I've mentioned it before, but my weight really fluctuates a lot, even during just one week.  It can differ up to 5 pounds in one week, so for the purposes of this DB, I am viewing my highest weight of the week as my true weight.  As such, my goal for the first round is 125.1 at the highest weight of the week.  This week is not too bad.

Does this give me license to eat crap?  Definitely not.  But I am satisfied with my progress because I acknowledge that I'm not going to eat perfectly, either now or when I reach my goal weight.  Sure, the days when I eat 3 kinds of frozen dairy treat (this happened on Saturday - Pinkberry, 21 Flavors, and Baskin Robins) are going to slow down my progress, but slow progress is better than none.

If I can get down to 125.5 for Monday (the day I tend to be at my heaviest), I'll be very satisfied.

Happy Monday, everyone, and good luck this week!