My two days of dedication have paid off!  I am less than a pound away from my goal!  

It's definitely not time to get excited, though.  After all, this is my typical pattern.  I'm good Monday-Thursday with my lowest weight on the Friday, and then I binge eat Friday-Sunday and bring my weight up to exactly where it was before.  So am I happy that I've already lost some weight?  Of course, but I take it with a grain of salt.

But isn't this indicative of my problem, my lack of consistency?  Certainly.  And my goal is to one day be at that point where my weight doesn't fluctuate so much in one week, and where I don't undo all of my progress over the weekend.  My goal is to be at that point where I don't have to take my losses with a grain of salt and where I can know that the weight is gone for good.

How did I do today?  Did I act with my best interests in mind (i.e., my weight loss)?  Did I work towards my goal and shun all things that would derail me?

Eh.  I did okay.  I had my green smoothie for breakfast (I still don't love them and need to figure out a better way), my buckwheat healthy "instant" ramen for lunch (you should really try it because it's great, the recipe is on Serious Eats), and my brown rice kimchi fried veggies and rice (mostly veggies and maybe 1/4c brown rice).  But then I also had Pepero (gift from my well-meaning but thin boyfriend... he doesn't understand the struggle!) and a few (read: 5, eek!) Lindt truffles at work.  I also didn't get my 10,000 steps in.  So there is definitely room for improvement, but this is already a long way from where I started.

My goal for the next week or so: figure out how to say no to the chocolate.  We keep giant Costco-sized boxes of Lindt truffles at our office at all times.  They were originally meant for guests, but after an incident with a homeless man, we brought them to the back of the office and now serve as my constant temptation.  So my goal is to say no to those.  

Happy Humpday everyone!  Be happy, because it's practically Thursday, which means it's practically Friday! ;)