Well I didn't write a blog last night cause frankly I was exhausted and went to bed instead, so I guess this is going to be a double blog.  Yesterday (Thursday) I overslept and didn't get to the gym before work.  However, I wrote in the group and stated that I packed my clothes up and would go right after work.  I wrote it in the group because then I felt like I really needed to do it.. I can't lie to you guys or break promises! haha but it really did work, because even though I was tired I went, did some cardio, worked the daylights out of my abs, and I certainly didn't regret it!  I stayed on task with my food choices as well.

Today, however, a patient did bring in a huge bag of fresh bagels.  I managed to snag the only whole wheat one and snacked on it throughout the day with just a teeny bit of veggie cream cheese on it for taste.  Then for lunch I had a salad with grilled chicken and a bunch of veggies in it.  I also had a greek yogurt, but decided to save it for another time since I ate the bagel earlier, and besides, I was full!  It's amazing how in just a few days of being conscious about my eating habits and I already feel as though my appetite is becoming smaller.

Along with that positive change, I've been seeing many others. I've always suffered from skin prone to breaking out but I've found that I've been getting less and less blemishes already.  I've been drinking about 24oz or more of hot green tea a day which I heard is very good for detoxing all parts of your body, and I've also been drinking tons of water (and peeing a ton!) and I believe the combination of these has really helped to improve my skin which is lovely!  My whole life I also have had stomach "issues" for no particular reason.  I'm not lactose/gluten sensitive or have anything like IBS, but just occasionally my stomach doesn't like my choice of food.  In the past week I've had absolutely no issues, no bloating, and have been quite regular (sorry if this is too much information) but it's just such a great side effect of eating right and exercising!  And it's a constant reminder that my body is not just changing in size, but in so many other healthy ways as well. 

I am a little nervous for tomorrow (Saturday) night.  It's my friends birthday and we're going into Philly to one of my high school friends new apartment and going out to bars around the area.  I know drinking is consuming a lot of empty calories and the best choice is to avoid it, but realistically I'm 22 years old going out with friends and will be drinking.  I'm going to try to stick with vodka club sodas with just a splash of cranberry juice.  I figure that's one of the lowest calorie drinks.  My problem is late at the end of the night we all tend to get hungry and stop and grab pizza or sandwiches (or delicious philly cheesesteaks!) from some late night place.  I'm really hoping to have the will power to say no or just take a bite of one of my friends food for just a little satisfaction!  If I do slip, I guess I'll just have to shake it off and remember that Sunday is a new day to make better choices and get my butt to the gym

We'll see what happens!  Have a nice weekend everyone!


Today's Food Diary:

- Bowl of Special K Chocolate Delight cereal with almond milk

- Whole wheat bagel with a little veggie cream cheese

- 12 oz of green tea

- Salad with grilled chicken, carrots, radishes, chickpeas, cucumbers, peppers, cheese, and a non-fat italian dressing

- 12 oz of green tea

- Wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a whole wheat tortilla 

- About 40 oz of water throughout the day