I was kind of hoping that eating right would help to curb my cravings, but no such luck. If anything, they are getting worse. And as I continue to lose weight, I find myself allowing myself to indulge some of the cravings. The problem is, I still have problems stopping once I start.

 The worst point in time I find is when I have a successful weigh out for a Diet Bet. I’ve begun to allow myself a small treat. And while I know so many people recommend the 80/20 or 85/15 diet, my problem is that if I take an inch, I end up taking a mile. When it happens, I still watch my calories and fortunately have been successful in not allowing it to completely careen out of control. But then I end up having a bad nutritional day, because I do my best to stop myself once I’ve used up the days calories.

 One thing that I recently learned from reading Chris Powell’s books on Carb Cycling, is that carbs cause you to retain water. I’ve definitely seen that on the scale. The other week I finished a Diet Bet on a Thursday. I allowed myself a treat Friday, which turned into a treat weekend. I watched my calories, but still did not make good food choices. Then on Monday when it was time to weigh in for a new Diet Bet, I was up nearly 3 pounds! I know I did not gain 3 pounds of fat in those three days, most of that was water. But still, it’s depressing to see the scale go up like that in such a small amount of time.

 I did it again just now. I had a weigh out on Sunday/Monday and then another on Monday/Tuesday. I weighed myself on Sunday and was at a weight that worked for both my Diet Bets. So I did my weight out for the one, but had to wait a day for the other. However, I indulged in those darn carbs again! So on Monday, I was no longer at the weight I needed to be. I was up over half a pound! I knew most of it was water weight. But still! So I was good yesterday and drank lots of water and was able to be back to where I needed to be today. But I’m just sabotaging my efforts. I’m not losing the weight as fast I could if I would just behave myself. With the holiday eating season coming upon us, I really need to get control of myself. Here’s wishing me and everyone else good luck!