I've loved Diet Bet ever since I first joined back in July. I quickly got into doing three Diet Bet 4s at a time (in addition to the three Transformers that I'm in), staggering them so that I have to stay with it once one ends, because I'm still in another. I really need that accountability. However, I'm always a bit stressed out, afraid that "This time I'm not going to make it." Not that it really matters if I "lose". Because as long as I've lost weight I've won. But the OCD/Anal/Perfectionist in me likes to win.

I decided that I didn't want to stress myself out trying to lose 4% of my weight during the month of December. I did enter one that ended December 16th, but that was my last one. I decided not to join any more until the new year. I’d just work on losing at a lower rate, or maybe just maintaining. WRONG. I did okay the first week after my one on the 16th ended. I had a weigh in on the 23rd for one of the Transformers, and was even able to have lost a pound during that week. But then the trouble began.

Christmas eve day I went shopping for some last minute stocking stuffers for our daughter, and ended up getting chocolate covered salted caramels. Then I saw chocolate covered caramels with cashews. Of course I got those, too. I should have returned the first caramels, but I didn’t. I also got the red and white candy corn. I love candy corn. Then, on the day after Christmas I went to Target with the sole purpose to check out their reduced Christmas themed candy. And of course I stocked up! I got two different kinds of the red and green M&Ms (peanut butter and pretzel – I got the pretzel because it has less calories – like that matters!) and the Holiday Reese’s miniatures. Because they were a good deal and I love them. I started eating everything in site! I was up 1.5 pounds for my Transformer weigh in on the 27, and it had only been 4 days! Then I was up another 1.3 for my token weigh in this morning. What am I doing to myself and why can’t I behave when I don’t a weigh in where I need to be a certain weight looming over me? Oh well, I’m back in a Diet Bet come Monday. I just hope I don’t do too much damage tonight. But I know I’m going to.

Here’s to a great 2015 and weight lose for all of us! Best of luck to everyone!