Only four more days left in the challenge.  I still have 1.4 pounds to lose but I am confident that I will lose it.  

Yesterday was a day of temptation.  I baked some chocolate cookies for my daughters daycare yesterday, so there was A LOT of cookies.  I had a little bit of the dough which I couldn't help lol but..I did not have even a single cookie after they were cooked!  I am super proud of myself because cookies are my major trigger food.  I also had the temptation of chips but I also held off and didn't have any of those either.  We bought our halloween stuff yesterday too, instead of bars I decided to get rice krispie minis and chips and suckers.  So it took away from the temptation a little bit.  I didn't have any of that either.

So today the actual day of Halloween, my mind is in the right spot.  No candy for this girl!