So today is my first day of my dedication to working out.  I didnt get up exactly when I said I was going to but I did do my workout this morning!! Yay me!  I am definitely going to do what someone mentioned and put up a calendar just for the purpose of checking off the days I do my workouts! And see how many check marks I can get the rest of this month.

I also changed my morning alarm to something more upbeat,  Talk dirty by Jason Derulo.  Lol don't laugh but something about this song just makes me feel like dancing.  So we will see if I get up dancing tomorrow lol.  

Yesterday I ate pretty good, egg whites in the morning, macaroni and hamburger for lunch (whole wheat pasta, not the healthiest meal but the kids like it) and mackerel and salad and peas and carrots for supper.

Heres to a good day of eating today!