So the last few days.  Tuesday Remembrance Day, I went to my moms the night before and had my alarm set for 6 to do my workout.  It went off and I decided not to do it then because I had the rest of the day, my mom could watch the girls I thought.  So the day was a great day filled with the remembrance service and company.  So turns out I didn't have time to do it later.  So I was determined I would do it in the morning on Wednesday because you never know what the day will bring.  I did do my workout in the morning Wednesday and it felt great!  My daughter ended up getting up too and doing some of it with me.  

I also got up this morning and did my workout!  Super proud of myself and again feel great!  My eating is going pretty good, so todays goal is to stay within my recommended calorie intake with all healthy foods.