Today is a new day!  It seems as if i cannot get myself to do home workouts, I really want to because they are great and I do enjoy doing them when I do do one.  I have three children and my days are here and there and everywhere.  A workout time that works good one day, does not work good for the next.  I dont have the option of actually going to the gym because I have no one to watch the kids and I try to get out for walks but the weather this time of year is terrible.  The day I say okay I will go out for a walk, it rains ALL DAY.  So you say okay definitely walking tomorrow. But something is going on or someones sick. Ugh.  I know I have soo many excuses!!

So here is my solution, I will get up at 6 every morning! maybe even a little earlier than that (even though I am so not a morning person) and I will do a workout dvd or some sort of workout before any of the children wake up and I will hold my self accountable to all of you and also myself.  This way I will have it done nice and early, no worries or super late night workouts.  It also leaves room for more exercise if I feel like doing anything else in the afternoon/evening.  This along with healthy eating shoukd have me on the right path, to a healthy me.

Feel free to message me and ask if I have done my workout yet :)